Original Beef Jerky

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In 1969 Stafford Meat Company Inc. began creating meat snacks.  A family owned and operated business with generations committed to quality. We began working with recipes that date back to the pioneer days and contain unique combinations of spices we now hold in the strictest of ingredients that make our products stand apart from the rest. What you’ll enjoy when you taste one of our meat snacks, whether it be jerky, beef sticks, or even our sausage products, is years of experience perfecting count on a tradition of excellence and a pride shared by the Stafford family to bring you the best in high quality gourmet meat snacks

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5 reviews for Original Beef Jerky

  1. Susan F (verified owner)

    Best jerky ever!!! The flavor is real, better than all the others and it has a great chew like a good jerky should.

  2. Shawn B

    How beef jerky should be made!

  3. David

    The more you chew the better it taste. Explodes with flavor. When I give a piece to a friend their first response will be something like “too dry”. Within 10 seconds it is common to hear “fantastic taste and texture”.

  4. Chip (verified owner)

    The best jerky I have ever had! The Stafford family has the jerky for you!

  5. Cindy Mc (verified owner)

    I’ve been enjoying this jerky (original) for several years. It’s the closet thing to the jerky I grew up with, a traditional “dry” with just enough seasoning to enhance the meat but not overpower it. The only problem is that once I open a bag I can’t help it, it’s gone in no time! Please don’t ever stop making it. My whole family loves it!

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