Giant Slab Beef Jerky – 16oz. (FULL POUND!)

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In 1969 Stafford Meat Company Inc. began creating meat snacks.  A family owned and operated business with generations committed to quality. We began working with recipes that date back to the pioneer days and contain unique combinations of spices we now hold in the strictest of ingredients that make our products stand apart from the rest. What you’ll enjoy when you taste one of our meat snacks, whether it be jerky, beef sticks, or even our sausage products, is years of experience perfecting count on a tradition of excellence and a pride shared by the Stafford family to bring you the best in high quality gourmet meat snacks

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Peppered, Teriyaki, Hot & Spicy

18 reviews for Giant Slab Beef Jerky – 16oz. (FULL POUND!)

  1. Douglas W Smith

    This is the best damn jerkey in the world,you won’t be disappointed

  2. robinleeotis

    These are my favorite. They come in a big pack. It seems like it’s way more than 15 sheets.

  3. Anthony Rivera

    This company makes the best beef jerky period. I’ve been buying them for years!

  4. Dana Foltz

    I used to drive 30 minutes to buy this jerky from the ONLY gas station that sold it in my area. I am so very happy I’ve found them online! BEST EVER

  5. Brittany

    Very tasty and full of flavor!! I want to devour the whole bag in one sitting!!

  6. Noree Panyanouvong (verified owner)

    Excited that they have these to order online I’ve been making my husband buy me 4 sheets a day and even got him and my 2 year old addicted! I put in an order today for 5 packs 😉 won’t last long between us 3. 😉

  7. Jay

    Best. Jerky. Ever!! I ordered 2 bags this time!

  8. Noree

    Still the best jerkey ever! 3 more bags this time

  9. Angelique (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 packs of this and I love them! Best slab jerky around

  10. Robert Small (verified owner)

    The slab Jerky is the best Iv’e ever eaten! Their staff is friendly and professional. I ordered three bags!

  11. Meggan

    I agree with all the other reviews. I’m literally obsessed with this jerky.

  12. Alexander

    Best beef jerky ever! I love it so much! I would order this if u would be you! Thanks!

  13. Rich

    Very good Beef jerky, almost exactly the same as Ajays Montana Bananas but cheaper. Not quite as good as Ajays though but much better than most other brands.

  14. bbdesignerj (verified owner)

    I’m sad that they stopped selling it at my gas station due to covid. But so glad I can just buy it direct :). This is hands down the best beef jerky I’ve had. I have it shipped to Illinois now instead of California. That’s how much I love it!

  15. Nancy

    We plan our vacations with an extra pit stop to pick up a few packs of jerky. Good to know I can get it here

  16. Rachel (verified owner)

    I get the hot and spicy it’s so good .

  17. Marie (verified owner)

    Hands down the best jerky out there. Absolutely delicious – don’t hesitate, just buy it. You will NOT regret it.

  18. Dennis Ames (verified owner)

    Found it at a hole in the wall gas station. It was tucked in the back corner… one bag had mold in it, but it looked so darn good. So I found one that looked good, and I bought it. SO GOOD, HOLLY WOWZERS!!! I was addicted, I had to limit myself. So happy I found it here! It’s going to be on a constant rotation in my buying/diet from now on! Thanks for making a great product, and I hope you stay around!!!

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